Country Key Account Manager
I reviewed the assets and they are impressive, AMAZING work.

Managing Director, Life Sciences Consultancy

Lisa first joined us as a perma-smiling medical writer and a highly decorated and experienced scientist, who had at that time only scant knowledge of market access or product commercialisation.  Now after about 6 years she’s made herself an absolute cornerstone of much of the Commercial work we do.  I admire her for a great many things, her sense of quality and her willingness to make time for others are at the top of the pile.  

Senior Director, Life Sciences Consultancy
Lisa is one of the most effective people I have worked with. She is able to juggle multiple projects and both manage these effectively and work as part of the delivery team. She has been a joy to work with.

Senior Director, Life Sciences Consultancy
A challenging project for all involved, with a tight timeline and budget to deliver a project using a technology we weren’t that familiar with.  Lisa provided effective project management.  She kept tight control of what we were doing internally across multiple teams and also managing the client effectively as well.  She kept the client and whole team involved in progress with regular communication and her contribution was critical to the success of the project as a whole, allowing the team members to focus on their particular areas of strength and expertise.

Associate Consultant, Life Sciences Consultancy
Lisa has an excellent eye for detail. She provides constructive, relevant feedback which adds value to a deliverable.

Lisa demonstrates strategic understanding of client issues, and an excellent understanding of the market access environment and payer audiences and their needs; these contribute to the development of high-quality, creative, relevant and engaging project deliverables. She coaches and supports team members in project delivery.

Managing Director, Market Access Consultancy

You have all of the qualities of a good consultant in spades- always on time, very good open communication, very good researcher, eye for the detail, good visual presenation skills, willing to go the extra mile when needed. This project was one of the most intensive of my career, and it couldn't have been delivered without you- so thank you. We also have a very happy client at the end of it.   

Manager, Market Access Consultancy

The feedback from the client was very constructive and positive, no doubt due to the guidance that you provided us with throughout the project.  Thank you again for the incredibly helpful feedback!